The Future Women Entrepreneurs in Our Hands

With our Majors, we focus on the practical use of entrepreneurial skills for personal development and growth. Major Moguls are encouraged to delve into their sense of community and determination to develop keen leadership skills and hone their communication skills.

Our curriculum and interactive experience is designed to build and strengthen the critical thinking and analysis, public speaking, reading comprehension and writing skills of all Mo’ Girls participants.

The Mo’Girls Global Promise

The care and development of young girls means everything to us. We’ve come together with the promise to provide programs and support that girls, regardless of socio-economic status, typically have little or no access to in their communities. In Mo’Girls workshops, we provide:

– a safe, secure & nurturing environment

– highly trained and attentive facilitators

– access and exposure to experienced entrepreneurs

– proven techniques to help girls discover their passions and purpose.

Helping More Girls Become Moguls.